Welcome to My Piano Space, I’m Anna and I’m a pianist, teacher and accompanist with more than 15 years’ teaching experience.

At the Opera House

Whilst studying music at university (ANU, 2004-7)  I kept up a regular teaching practice as well as freelance performing – mostly in small ensembles.

In 2007 I completed my bachelor of Music (Performance) majoring in piano performance and accompaniment. During my fourth year I also completed a thesis on motivators in music education.

Later on I had two kids of my own and in the meantime completed a Masters degree in Strategic Communication. Now it is time to bring it all together – and I’m re-opening my home studio in the south of Canberra where it’s all about motivating musicians of all ages to enjoy playing.

My Teaching Style

Over time my teaching style has evolved. These days, emphasis is placed on playing favourite songs (not theory or note-reading, I believe these come in their own time).

During our first lesson, after a brief spiel on how to sit comfortably, we get straight into playing a tune of your choosing and soon into our first learning block together we will be composing, improvising and playing duets.

For those with an excellent ear, it won’t take long for you to be able to accompany me on the cello! (Surprise! I play cello too)

Little Maestra

Over time as your, or your child’s, preferences become clear, we will have a trajectory for your learning journey, be it high level classical playing, improvisation, learning songs you like by ear, or anything in-between.

Philosophies I play by

Here are two key beliefs I play by and encourage my students to play by too:

1. Playing the piano can feel good

Learning to play the piano needn’t feel like ‘hard work’. Life’s too short for that!
This isn’t to say you won’t be challenged, any fine art taken beyond its basic level means spending time carefully mastering your art. This is challenging on many levels. The key, I believe, is walking yourself through the challenge but keeping it enjoyable at the same time.

2. Practise if you want to

At My Piano Space, practise is optional, but ‘playing’ is mandatory!
There is no set practise requirement, or number of minutes required at the piano daily, it is up to the individual as to what brings enjoyment and helps you meet your individual goals.


Fees are charged at the following rates:

Half hour – $40 per lesson
Full hour – $80 per lesson
Half hour lesson with a friend – $25 each