Cello Space

Welcome to Cello Space.  I have played the cello around Canberra for more than 15 years as a soloist and ensemble player and now I am offering lessons for beginner students.

I teach at my home studio in Kambah, ACT and welcome students of any age.  My teaching style is student-lead and my favourite time to teach is bright and early in the morning.  I am willing to teach at 6:30am but am yet to find a student brave enough to take me up at that hour!

Please get in touch if you would like to know more about my studio.

Learning with me: What you need to know

Current available lesson times:

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 6.30-7am (yes, AM)

Thursday, 7 – 7:30am (yes, AM) and Wednesday 10-11am.

Terms & Conditions

You can choose your lesson frequency, a.k.a. “block”

A “block” is a number of lessons per week over a chosen number of weeks. For example, the most common lesson frequency is one half hour lesson per week during school terms. Other examples include:
– a one hour lesson per week, agreed for 4 weeks at a time;
– a half hour lesson twice a week, agreed for 4 weeks at a time… etc.
There is no obligation to continue lessons after each block.

You will need to pay in advance

Lessons are paid in advance of each block or at the first lesson of a block. Payment can be made by cash, direct deposit or by Visa or Mastercard at the studio (via PayPal.Here).

Missing lessons and arriving after our agreed time

Once paid, there is is no mandate to attend all lessons in a block. The payment reserves the lesson time for you, and of course I hope that you come!
I ask that as a general courtesy you give as much notice as possible if you can’t make a lesson, or are running late.  If you arrive late to your lesson, the agreed
finishing time still applies.

Please be aware than lessons are not transferable.

Two blocks per school term

My preference is to teach school terms in 2 blocks with a weeks’ rest in the middle.  So, this would mean that weeks 1-5 you would attend lessons, week 6 we all take a breather and weeks 7-10 it’s on again (that rhymes).  That’s 4 lessons plus 5 lessons with a week off in the middle.  Make sense?

School holiday programs

Watch this space for upcoming school holiday group learning.

Ready to go?  Get in touch for a free trial lesson